What Hiller’s Low-Voltage Services Can Offer Your Business

No matter the industry, any type of business relies on a supply of electric power. From cabling systems to security services, every business needs their electrical system to run smoothly and safely. Among the many low-voltage services necessary to run a business, communication is one of the most important.

Your office voice and data system consists of the wiring for all your inter- and outer-office communication—from telephones to computers, it is how your business will communicate and exchange data. As the office communication system, it also protects your property from being lost or damaged during an emergency by communicating data, information and instructions to anyone who requires it.
That is why you must keep your voice and data system up-to-date. You don’t need to change out the system that often, but we do recommend that if it’s been 15-20 years since the last upgrade, it is probably time to bring in a professional to take a look.
Nowadays, it’s hard to keep up with the rapid pace at which technology is changing, so you’ll want a cabling system that is designed to handle flexibility and incorporate future applications. One thing to consider is upgrading your voice and data system to fiber optic cabling. Fiber optic cabling is able to handle a greater bandwidth, and also makes your communication system more reliable—the fiber optic glass is less susceptible to interference. Good connections make for good communicating.
And to ensure your connections stay reliable, you will need to test your cabling system periodically. A professional electrician will test that your cabling system matches the bandwidth requirements of today, as well as the more efficient technologies of the future.
If you are building a new business, or remodeling, you will need to consider your cabling system. Here at Hiller Electric, we understand the need for a business’ power supply to be both efficient and reliable. We are also aware of the various needs of any business. That is why Hiller offers such a variety of low-voltage services. For a free estimate from one of our commercial service technicians, or to schedule an installation, please call (402) 339-0524.

photo credit: arnybo via photopin cc