Residential | Why You Should Consider Task Lighting

When it comes to working in an office, going to the library, or being at school, most of us are not strangers to task lighting. But, task lighting can be used for more than just deskwork. In fact, it can be incorporated into our everyday tasks, even at home.

Task lights are fairly easy integrated into the design of your home, whether that’s lighting placed underneath some shelving or installed underneath a cabinet.

To show you what we mean we’ve put together a few reasons why task lighting is so beneficial and why you may want to consider installing some in your home. Take a look below:

More than just a desk lamp. Task lighting no longer just means long l-shaped desk lamps often found in offices. Rather, task lighting has become much more streamlined. As such, there are many places in your home that you can install task lights. For example, you may want to consider installing a task light above the prep area in your kitchen, making it much easier for you to cut up vegetables and prepare your dinner. Or, install them in your bathroom under the vanity to help you get ready in the morning and evening!

Health benefits of task lighting. Believe it or not, task lighting actually has quite a few health benefits. Compared to overhead lighting, task lighting helps to prevent eyestrain and reduces headaches because the light is being focused on the area you are working on and not throughout the entire room. In turn, there is less of a need for your eyes to focus.

Task lighting is energy efficient. Task lighting often requires less energy compared to common overhead lighting. More often than not, there isn’t much of a need to turn on the overhead lights in a room when only a small section of the room is being utilized. This means money saved on your energy bill! Plus, task lighting requires less energy, helping to reduce the footprint of your home and contributing to a much greener environment.

If you have any questions or would like to have some task lighting installed in your home, feel free to contact us at (402) 339-0524. Hiller Electric can help you with your installation needs—no job is too big or too small, we guarantee quality service every time!

photo credit: 3103 Edgehill – Kitchen via photopin (license)