Hiller Know-How: Commercial Security Systems 101

The New Year is swiftly approaching. Many people are starting to think about their resolutions and while this is always a good personal habit, New Year’s resolutions don’t have to just be about self-improvement. If you own a business or are a company manager, think about setting some transformation goals for your company space, too.

A fairly simple way to improve your commercial space is security—if your business doesn’t even have a security system, this may be the time to start thinking about getting one. Or, if you do have a security system, when is the last time you updated it? Although most companies use digital storage nowadays, many still keep important paper records. Plus, the computer systems, televisions, phones and even personal items that many keep at their desks, are all things of value.

Here are the safety features that most new security systems can provide. 

  • Alerts. If someone breaks in, most security systems can be programmed to alert you right away. They will trigger an alarm that also alerts the local law enforcement.
  • Video surveillance.
  • Manage other systems. Most security systems can now be programmed to also manage your heating and air conditioning system, as well as the lighting. Some security systems even have the ability to schedule the power on/off of small office equipment.
  • Fire detection. Your security system can also be connected to your fire alarm, so as with any break-in, if a fire occurs, an alarm will be triggered and the fire department will be notified.

So as 2014 comes to a close, start thinking about how you can improve your commercial space in the upcoming year. A new security system is a great place to start. Here at Hiller Electric, we offer security system installation as one of our low-voltage services. Call us today at (402) 339-0524 to schedule an appointment.

photo credit: CBS_Fan via photopin cc