Get to Know Jason Bernard, Commercial Service Technician

At Hiller Electric, our team is very important to us. They answer the customer’s calls, get out and do the job, and ultimately, are responsible for maintaining our reputation. So we would like you to get to know our team better. Today, we are highlighting one of our Commercial Service Technicians, Jason Bernard. Check out his interview below.

Hi Jason. To begin, would you mind telling us a little bit about your background?

I started working right out of high school; I was living in Arizona for some time and then after a few years, I moved to the Midwest. I have been doing electrical work since 1994. I’ve done residential, commercial and industrial.

When I started, I was doing commercial and a little residential. Then I moved to Kansas and worked in the oil field. After that, I moved to Iowa doing both commercial and residential work. I continued doing both when I moved to Omaha, mostly commercial, but a little residential as well.

Eventually, I joined the team at Hiller— been here going on about 12 years. When I started working at Hiller, I was a residential service technician. Then, about six years ago, I moved to commercial. I’ve always preferred commercial and industrial work—it’s what I enjoy doing more because it’s a broader perspective of the electrical field. For me, there’s more to know and more to learn being a commercial or industrial service tech.

So when I first called you for this interview, you were actually up in a ceiling, clearly your days are a lot different from sitting at a desk. Can you tell me what a normal day as a commercial service tech looks like for you?

That’s kind of tough because we get into such a broad array of services and repairs; it varies day to day. We here at Hiller aren’t an overly large company, and we do such a wide scope of work, that we all really depend on each other. Working as a commercial service tech, you never know what you are going to get into on any particular day—it just depends on what we get sent out on and what that specific job entails.

Like for instance, today, I was up in a ceiling setting up a fire alarm device—tying in some door connectors, so once the fire alarm goes off in the building, the doors will automatically unlock and no one gets locked in. Kind of a serious deal. But again, that doesn’t happen every day.

Sounds so interesting, do you often work alone or do you have a team with you?

It really varies job to job—on occasions I work by myself but generally we have different apprentices and different journeymen we work with on for different projects. A lot of the commercial jobs require two guys because you are dealing with higher voltages, higher intensity work and so you need a “look out guy” just in case something happens.

One of the things that we find distinguishes us at Hiller is how committed we are to quality service. Could you talk a little bit about how you see this acted out on a daily basis?

I guess the biggest thing with Hiller in general, is that everyone takes a lot of pride in their work. At least everyone I’ve worked around makes a conscious effort to always do the job right, and neat, and efficiently. At Hiller, it really comes down to the relations with the costumer; as technicians we make sure we are maintaining good relations with every customer on a job-to-job basis.

Why would you recommend Hiller Electric over other companies in the area?

Just the fact that from management, all the way to the guys on the field, everyone is on the same page and everyone takes pride in what they do. The craftsmanship, making sure it’s done right before we leave, I just can’t stress that enough. I’ve worked with a lot of other companies where that just isn’t the case.

What’s the most interesting project you’ve ever worked on while doing commercial work for Hiller?

Well a lot of the guys will disagree with me, but what I really enjoy is when we do service at the packing plant that we work for. I enjoy those jobs because you get to do deal with so many different types of work. I mean, I can’t really say there’s one thing I like more than the next because every day is a new adventure—but I’d say working on the packing plant is the most challenging because you are dealing with a lot of different motors and controls; I enjoy the challenge.

Lastly, we just wanna know—what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I enjoy hunting and fishing. Also my kids play a lot of sports and I enjoy going to their games and watching them play. So yeah, when I have the time, I like to spend it with my family, or relax outdoors.

Want to know more about Jason, or want to learn more about Hiller Electric and any of the commercial services we offer? Don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know! You can get in touch by phone at 402.339.0524, or visit our Contact Us page for more information.