Get to Know Cliff Jones, Commercial Service Technician

Our team is an important cornerstone here at Hiller Electric. They are the ones who answer calls, get out in the field, and ultimately, they are the ones responsible for living out and maintaining our reputation.

So we would like you to get to know our team better. Today, we are highlighting one of our Commercial Service Technicians, Cliff Jones. Check out his interview below:

To begin, would you mind telling us a little bit about your background?

Well my dad was involved in electrical work, working with fire alarms, security systems, and such. So he was always pushing me towards electrical, he always said it was a good trade.

I started out as an electrician in the Marines. After that, I decided to come back home to start my career by completing my apprenticeship in Omaha. In the electrical trade, everyone has to do a five-year apprenticeship to get your electrical license. After completing school, I joined the IBEW Local. One of my first trips to union hall, I checked the job board for calls posted and I took the call for Hiller Electric. I’ve been working for Hiller ever since, about 20 years now.

Can you tell me what a normal day as a commercial service tech looks like for you?

No such thing; it’s different every day. You just never know what kind of calls you are going to get. But, when I do get a call from the guy at our shop, I just take down the job site information and venture out there. I figure out what the problem is, and then I repair it.

Do you generally work alone or with a team?

Well, when you are on a service truck, you are generally working by yourself. Every once and awhile I will get placed on a bigger job with more people, but if I’m doing service calls, then I’m by myself.

One of the things that we find distinguishes us at Hiller is how committed we are to quality service. Could you talk a little bit about how you see this acted out on a daily basis?

One thing in particular that Hiller is really good about is not rushing the job. They want the job done right, so you never feel rushed and are able to take as much time as necessary on every single call.

Also, I think the way Hiller is set up really emphasizes customer relations. We usually have five service truck drivers out at a time, and each one has their certain customers they deal with. We usually know the customer we are doing a job for—It also makes things a lot smoother for the customer because they don’t have to deal with a new technician every single time.

Why would you recommend Hiller Electric over other companies in the area?

I’m going to say the employees. We have so many dedicated employees who are really good at what they do. It’s also a great company; Hiller is run by honest people. You tend to hear about other companies overcharging or saying they fixed something when they actually didn’t, and you will never experience any of that at Hiller. It’s definitely a quality company with quality service.

What’s the most interesting project you’ve ever worked on while doing commercial work for Hiller?

Well right now, I’m working with a team on Fiber Optic cables at local campus. We are working on the Fiber Optics for the security system and all the networking for the entire school. We have to check the fiber optic cable throughout the entire campus, which is interesting because it goes all over the place. We have to identify where everything goes and test it all and make sure it is working. It’s cool to be working on such a big project and see the entire campus.

Lastly, we just wanna know—what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

My free time is pretty full with my kids. They all play hockey, so it’s a lot of tournaments and practices. That’s pretty much my free time right now, just with the kids. You know, between hockey, track, and baseball, we are always busy! There isn’t much time to do anything else right now, and probably won’t be until they are a little bit older–But I enjoy every minute of it!

Want to know more about Cliff, or want to learn more about Hiller Electric and any of the services we offer? Don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know! You can get in touch by phone at 402.339.0524, or visit our Contact Us page for more information.