Commercial | Hiller Know-How: Knowing When It’s Time for an Electrical Service Upgrade

If you own a business, you may remember all the details that go into building it from the ground up, or even remodeling. From parking lot lighting to individual offices to the warehouse, every single electrical installation required a decision, and a professional electrician. Unfortunately, when you own a business these types of decisions are never truly over. Even if your first electrical services were of the highest quality, every commercial building will eventually need upgrades.

So what do electrical service upgrades entail—and how do you know when they are necessary? Take a look below.

Old/damaged wiring: If you are experiencing constant dimming or flickering of lights, or any light switches stop working, it is time to upgrade your electrical wiring. Even though electrical wiring is hidden, it experiences wear and tear and these are the common signs of old or damaged wiring that needs to be replaced.

Lighting upgrade: If your business resides in an older building, or you just feel it is time to spruce up the office with specialty lighting, you are also going to need an electrical service upgrade. Custom lighting designs, whether inside or outside, often require additional wiring. Plus, if you are putting the time and money into new lighting, you’ll wan to make sure it runs smoothly and efficiently, so it is also just a good time to have a professional look your electrical system over.

Increasing electrical capacity: Technology changes rapidly, and no one understands this better than a business owner. Companies constantly need to add or replace computer, Internet and phone systems with the newest models in order to communicate with customers and industries alike. When you add new technologies, you’ll most likely also need to upgrade your electrical panel to match the increase in electrical usage.

An electrical upgrade is not a DIY project—it is a major wiring change and needs to be done by a licensed electrician. So if you are taking on any of the projects listed above, or just feel it is time for a check-up, call Hiller Electric today. We offer free estimates, and our commercial service technicians are dedicated to efficient and quality service. Contact us via our website, or call us at (402) 339-0524

photo credit: Jeremy Brooks via photopin cc