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Hiller Electric stands behind everything they do with a One Year Warranty from work completion.

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We are a full service electrical contractor that does electrical wiring for commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential applications. Whether you need power for starting, moving, or growing your business – or are a home owner that needs electrical wiring for a remodel, cable TV, or a sound system, Hiller Electric has been doing the job right for 50 years.

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Rely on our experienced and licensed personnel, state-of-the-art equipment and fully-stocked vehicles to be at your service across Nebraska and Western Iowa.

A Word From Hiller Electric

Residential | The Value of Surge Protection for the Entire Home

Lightning in the distance can be a beautiful thing, but with all of its beauty comes one of the worst nightmares for homeowners: The looming threat of a power surge and the possibility of destroying thousands of dollars worth of electric appliances.

At Hiller Electric, we want to help our customers’ protect their homes from these kinds of events. That’s why today we are going to talk about the value of surge protection for the entire home. Take a look below: Continue Reading

Hiller Know-How | Things to Consider When Installing Cable TV Wiring

When it comes to the electrical wiring in your home, we understand that you want nothing more than for it to be in tip-top shape.

One area where top of the line wiring is more apparent to homeowners is in their TV and Internet connections. As such, we figured we’d go through a few things to consider when installing your cable TV wiring in order to give you the best quality service possible. Take a look below: Continue Reading

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With over 30 years in the remodeling industry, we have developed a reputation for quality workmanship, attention to detail and customer satisfaction. Hiller Electric has been a part of our remodeling team for several years because they share the same business values.

- Charles A. Ward, President

…We have successfully completed multiple projects together, most of which are at critical facilities with very stringent work environments….

- Patrick W. Kealy, Principle

…I have clients with all different needs and Hiller seems to meet them all. Sometimes our projects are difficult and need immediate attention, they have literally never let me down…

- Colleen Horn-Kavan, ASID

…We cultivated a working partnership with Hiller based on not just their electrical wiring expertise, but their desire and dedication to delivering the absolute best product possible….

- Patrick W. Kealy, Principle

…I have referred Hiller to numerous agents and homeowners and always have great feedback. Hiller makes my job easy when it comes to the electrical!….

- Colleen Horn-Kavan, ASID